Interview: Woodland Tale

Please tell us a little about yourself and why you started to make things/art for kids.

My name is Kate, I live in Crimea, the most beautiful part of Ukraine. I make little stitched creatures and build little nests and sell it in my Etsy shop, Woodland Tale. Actually, I never thought I would be making things for kids.  It just happened that kids decided my softies are good enough to make friends with. My first stitched creatures were herbal sachets, Sage Fox and Lavender Bunny – they were not meant for play, but children loved how they look. And I started creating embroidered toys and dolls without herbs to make them more suitable for kids.

Please tell us where you find inspiration for your creations.

First of all, it’s nature and everything woodland. And also, modern Japan and Japanese people, their lifestyle, the way they see things. Old houses full memories and secrets. Mooning over dreamy photography, minimal watercolours and simple graphic designs. They give me that special mood, which keeps my heart open to new ideas.

Please tell us a little about your plans and dreams for the future.

I hope my little shop will be expanding. I have a pile of ideas for my little shop. In short term perspective, I plan to make new stitched creatures, improve “My little nest” collection of jewellery and introduce the new collection of brooches called “In my Heart”. Besides, I do hope to bring back to life my button art project. Also I realized the need of a beautiful look-book for each series of my products, which I hope will appear by the end of the year.  

Thank you Kate for your story! 

To get to know more about Kate, please, visit her shop, read her blog and find her on facebook.

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