Interview: Petitacosa

My name is Ingrid and I am Mexican. After living in Barcelona for six years I moved to London a year ago. I have worked for years in the design and publishing industry and I also practice yoga.

I learnt how to crochet two years ago in Barcelona during my recovery from a back problem. I spent a lot of time either sitting down or in bed, so I bought a hook, wool, a crochet book and visited a lot Youtube videos! I fell in love with yarn and the idea of creating things.


September Kids Parade

The featured items are from:

Please vote for your favourite item in the comments and if you want to participate in the next parade, please leave a link to your etsy shop! The shop which item will get the most votes from you will get a special promotion!

This month's winner is a lovely toy from handmadebesties!


Fine Fettle Shop: Sweet Prints for Kids

Please meet Jen from the Fine Fettle Shop! Jen is an illustrator and designer, who lives in the UK. She has two young childeren and the Fine Fettle Shop is inspired by being a mum and raising a little family. She admires the illustrations of Richard Scarry, Mary Blair, Kaj Franck, Milton Glaser.

To get to know more about Jen and her illustrations, please visit her shop, read her blog and find her on facebook.


Interview: Woodland Tale

Please tell us a little about yourself and why you started to make things/art for kids.

My name is Kate, I live in Crimea, the most beautiful part of Ukraine. I make little stitched creatures and build little nests and sell it in my Etsy shop, Woodland Tale. Actually, I never thought I would be making things for kids.  It just happened that kids decided my softies are good enough to make friends with. My first stitched creatures were herbal sachets, Sage Fox and Lavender Bunny – they were not meant for play, but children loved how they look. And I started creating embroidered toys and dolls without herbs to make them more suitable for kids.


One Day Story: Mallalu

Please meet Sylwia - a watercolour artist from Poland and a capture of her creative day.