Interview: Petitacosa

My name is Ingrid and I am Mexican. After living in Barcelona for six years I moved to London a year ago. I have worked for years in the design and publishing industry and I also practice yoga.

I learnt how to crochet two years ago in Barcelona during my recovery from a back problem. I spent a lot of time either sitting down or in bed, so I bought a hook, wool, a crochet book and visited a lot Youtube videos! I fell in love with yarn and the idea of creating things.


I also started my yoga practice at more or less the same time; so crochet and yoga became my therapy. Months later I was so happy and feeling so well that I decided to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training course and create my very own crochet business.

  There were lots of crochet patterns on the Web, many of them to make “Amigurumis”, something I had never heard of, but apparently very popular with kids. I loved these little creations and I used them to learn how to read and write patterns. I was looking to create something of my own and after some drawings and practice my first puppet was born: Frog! Monkey, Giraffe and many others quickly followed and in that way Petitacosa was born. The name comes from Catalan and means “little thing”; at the beginning the name was a personal joke because it was a really small business, but it was my little hobby. However, with time, it has all been about making people smile with something small and simple.

Since then I have received inspiration from a lot of places but especially from nature, random images and books. I am always drawing or thinking about attempting new characters, using new materials or trying out new techniques. I work at home, not a fancy studio, but I try to make it cozy. London is a cold city, so I enjoy working next to the window making the most of the sun when it occasionally makes an appearance!

Petitacosa is still my therapy and my small space to create. It allows me to sit down, use my hands, remember my slow breathing and find inspiration. My hope is for it to keep growing and find new locations to display the growing number of characters. However, more importantly I want to keep making people smile!

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Thank you Ingrid for sharing your story!


  1. such wondeful little pets! they are all great and they look so funny.
    wonderful work.
    lg gudrun

  2. You're so beautiful and talented. I LOVE the picture of you sitting in front of the window. I think it looks like a book cover and since you write your own patterns that could certainly be possible! Great interview. Love your creations. Hope you do publish a pattern book one day. I'm going to purchase one. Congratulations.

  3. Wonderful interview, and wonderful you with your lovely creatures! All the best wishes and many sales )

  4. So inspirational! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. So inspirational! Thank you for sharing. :)