Artful Christmas Guide from Sonia Cavallini

I am so happy to introduce to an artful Christmas guide kindly currated by Sonia Cavallini. Sonia is a young talented illustrater from Lyon, who creats lovely animals and plants with watercolor and gouache.

1. zebra paper is from KateZarembaCompany; 2. rabit lampshade is from RevillRevill; 3. girl's head planter is from kayeblegvad; 4. bracelet is from LAKLAKparis; 5. orange village print is from afrois; 6. body polish is from willowtreeskincare; 7. greeting card is from SEASONPAPER; 8. wrapping paper is from verryberrysticker; 9. cat tape is from charlottefarmer1; 10. cat print is from matteart

And of course Sonia's creations are also perfect as an artful Christmas present.

To see more of Sonia's work please visit her shop.

Thank you Sonia!