Interview: Feltstream

Hello! My name is Dina Ivanova. I’m from Russia, from a beautiful city of St.Petersburg, where I was born, grew up, studied and have been working as a graphic designer for 15 years. For the last 7 years I have been living in Germany. I am here because of my husband, who has been working in Germany for the last 15 years. We have a beautiful daughter Tina, she is 4 years old. 

Moving to Germany was a big step in my life and it made me think what else I can do to be creative, to be happy with what I’m doing. Three years ago a very good friend of mine gave my daughter few sweetest felted animals. I was so excited and curious about them, and asked my friend, how they were made. She told me about felting. It was the beginning of my addiction to felting. I searched in Internet everything about felting, bought my first wool and started my first experiments. It was really exciting!
This is how it began 3 years ago. Felting became my true addiction; it occupies not only my mind, but also a lot of space in our apartment, which became my studio in the same time. My daughter loves what I do; my husband is my first critic and admirer. I felt everywhere where we go, even in forest in Finland, where we have our camper (mobile home). When we are traveling, my wool and soap are always with me. I’m happy that I found felting. It brings me so much joy.

My daughter is a great inspiration for me. She inspires me to make things for children. Making thing for children makes me happy. I feel a great joy doing it. When I do something for kids, I’m free. My fantasy has no limitation, because kids they are open to everything new. I have many ideas. I wished the days were longer. There is just not enough time to get everything done.
I find very important to make quality things of quality materials. We should think about the health and wellbeing of our children. My dream is to make more beautiful quality things for children and their mamas. I like to learn and am learning every day. I would like to make my little felt studio a little bigger. Step by step. Children are growing up every day.

Thank you Dina for sharing your story!

To get to know more about Dina and her work, please visit her shop and find her on facebook.

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