One Day Story: Sweet Meadowsweet

Hi there from Latvia!

We are Sarmite and Dace, a mother and a daughter,  who own Sweet Meadowsweet. Dace and her family live together with Sarmite in one house. We will show a typical day of ours (the only exception was that our daughter got ill and could not go to the kindergarten). Dace’s husband has a day off as he is working in shifts.

8.30 Waking up one by one. Sarmite enjoys silent and peaceful morning in her part of the house with coffee, three cats and internet. 

Dace helps her 3 years old daughter Liba brush her teeth, find clothes etc. Then she prepares oatmeal porridge for kids (this time no time for breakfast for adults). After a while Liba’s little brother Gustavs silently appears at the bedroom’s door opening. He is waking up a little bit later than others. As we are still co-sleeping, he can easily crawl out of our bed, when he has woken up. Gustavs joins Liba in her meal. Liba shares her porridge with brother. But he gets his own portion.

 Then Dace takes a shower as fast as she can.

10:00 Now it’s time for yoga.

10:50 We are 20 minutes late for an appointment with our family doctor. Luckily we are the only visitors - there are no one waiting in the queue. Our doctor examines progress of Liba’s bronchitis and checks Gustavs’s cough. We got list with some homoeopathic remedies and other medicaments to buy.

11:55 Dace is waiting for her number on the board at the department of traffic safety. She will take a test drive before her real driving exam. Soon she will get her driving license. 

13:00 Test drive is over and Dace is having a walk, while waiting for her husband Kaspars. She goes into supermarket to buy something to eat as she was busy and have no time to prepare lunch.

14:00 At home. Buns are not common food for dinner. Dace usually makes healthy and warm food for her family. But Liba doesn’t mind such meal! She also wears a present from her granny Sarmite – her handmade headband.

Sarmite is having a lunch too. A well deserved rest after making two beautiful peony headbands for our Etsy shop. 

Kids are having a daytime nap.
17:30 Dace is going upstairs to the the working room to see, what Sarmite is doing and to take some pictures. Kids are following her with pouty lips and real hurt in their little faces – no matter, if she’s leaving for 5 minutes or 3 hours. 

Sarmite is making large envelopes from craft paper for her sewing patterns.


17:45 It’s time to prepare dinner! Dace and Kaspars are having a rendezvous at the evening (they try to do it once a week), so the dinner will be also necessary for kids. 

 19:00 Delivering kids to nanny, who lives 10 minute drive away from us.

19:30 This time Dace and Kaspars have a date at home. Dinner in the candle light, talks and writing games.

 22:20 It’s really late and we take kids home from nanny. Some snacks, toilet and bed.

22:40 Sarmite is having her evening with crocheting and Pinterest, which is a real addiction to her!

23:30 At last both kids are asleep! And we can go to sleep too! What a productive day!

Thank you Sarmite and Dace for your lovely story!

Please visit their shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetMeadowSweet
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  1. Thank you for a post and let us to look into Sweet Meadow Sweet typical day!

  2. wow... such a busy day!
    My daughter would never fall asleep as this sweet little boy : )